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We are very proud of our student leadership team of ambassadors and prefects. ​

If you are interested in becoming a prefect or ambassador, please look out for notices at the start of the academic year or let mrs ancelin or mr o’kane know. ​

The roles of a prefect are varied and include representing sixth form on welcome evening, open evenings and various events throughout the academic year liaising with staff, parents and prospective students.​

With responsibility comes confidence and a chance to carry out your ideas to broaden your experience – all qualities to enhance your university application or cv.​

We really value all of our prefects’ contributions to the smooth running of events and activities.​

Our academic support ambassador​ Arisha​

A little about myself, my responsibilities and aspirations..​

I am the Academic Support Ambassador at Bluecoat Sixth Form. For my A-levels, I take biology, chemistry and maths and I hope to study medicine at the end of year 13. ​

As a part of my role within the school, I am responsible for helping students during their academic studies in a range of different ways. This can be by mentoring in specific subjects or simply giving advice in how to excel in their studies e.g. tips with time management. ​

I aim to help as many different students of different years as possible, ranging from the year 7 to year 13. I hope to inspire and help the students of Bluecoat Academy during their academic journey.​

​Our community outreach ambassador​ Matthias

A little about myself, my responsibilities and aspirations..​

The subjects that I am studying are Psychology, RE, and Maths; I plan to study law after I have completed my A-Levels in the hope of becoming either a human rights or corporate lawyer . ​

In my role as Community Outreach Ambassador, I am required to organise and manage events/activities that happen in the wider community; be that with care homes, families, or simply just with everyday people. ​

In my spare time I enjoy most things competitive, and I both play and officiate basketball. ​

Our social events ambassador​ Shanelle​

A little about myself, my responsibilities and aspirations..​

I’m currently studying Textiles, Spanish, and Psychology. ​

I really enjoy passing time doing art and being creative. ​

I hope to go into Fashion Buying and Merchandising in the future, but I’m also currently exploring more options. ​

As part of my role as a Social Events ambassador, I organise the activities that happen in and around sixth form such as the Summer Ball.​

One of our well-being ambassadors​ Amelia​

A little about myself, my responsibilities and aspirations..​

I am a year 13 student and currently studying English literature, history and religious studies. As a student health and wellbeing ambassador, my responsibilities are finding a way to make yours and my year group experience in the sixth form a great one. ​

My aspirations for this year even with the current situation of Covid is still to achieve our plans for this year.​

One of our well-being ambassadors​ Rachel​​

I am currently in my second year of studies and I study Business, Economics, Philosophy ; Religion and Ethics. ​

I enjoy coding and writing debate pieces.​

This academic year, as one of the ambassadors for wellbeing, I will be running activities/events to help manage stress and organise support schemes e.g. personal statement support for UCAS and helping younger students settle into sixth form etc​

I hope to study Law in a top university next year. After university I aim to have a trading contract and start my journey as a corporate solicitor.​

One of our well-being ambassadors​ Isabel​

A little about myself, my responsibilities and aspirations…​

I am currently studying Drama, Psychology and R.E and am hoping to go to drama school or take a Drama degree at Uni next year. ​

My hobbies outside of school consist of Drama and horse riding. ​

I am one of the well-being ambassadors here at Bluecoat, our responsibility is to think of ways to help and support the students at sixth form with their well-being to help make their sixth form experience the most enjoyable it can be.​

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