A Level Government & Politics

What will be studied?

Do we really live in a democracy and what influences this?  What do you think about politicians and the political systems in both the UK and USA and how do these compare? Who are the different thinkers behind conservatism, liberalism, socialism and feminism that have inspired modern politics and to what extent are these ideologies still followed? Although we may not like everything that comes out of Westminster, politics touches every aspect of our lives and shapes the society that we live in.  A Level Politics gives you the opportunity to study politics, government and the key ideas that have guided these and then look beyond the UK and compare our political systems and structure to the USA.

During the first year you will study Political Participation and Government. You look at democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media, the constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and the relationship between the branches. You will also start to consider different ideologies including conservatism and liberalism. All of this will focus on the UK.

During the second year you will complete your investigation into the ideologies of socialism and feminism and then investigate the American political system, including the US constitution and federalism, Congress, the presidency, the Supreme Court and civil rights, democracy and participation and then compare this to the UK political system.

How will I be assessed?

At the end of the two year course you will have three written papers to complete on the themes you have studied.  Each paper is 2 hours and each contributes to 33.3% of your qualification.

What next?

Studying Politics at A Level develops your ability to analyse and evaluate different arguments and put forward your own opinion based on your researched evidence. It enables you to recognise the context behind policy changes and the need to balance competing interests, which are essential skills in both commercial and political settings. Politics provides you with a great foundation to go on and study Politics, Economics, International Relations, Business, Law, Philosophy, Sociology and many other subjects at University.  It opens up a wide array of career paths for you. These are not just limited to central, local and international government and the Civil Service but extend to provide you with a good route into becoming an analyst, researcher or journalist. You could also use it as a route into public relations, international human rights, the media or any commercial environment where the ability to question, lead and use your diplomacy to reach a consensus are essential skills.

Further Information:

If you need any further information about studying Politics, please contact Mr Squire rsquire@bluecoat.uk.com

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