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Bluecoat Sixth Form Relocation

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will I be able to visit the new site before I start in September?”

We understand that moving to a different site may be a daunting prospect so we have put together a video to help you familiarise with some of the key spaces as they currently are. We will also be sharing drawings of any parts of the building due to undergo renovation and we will create another video for you once we are further through the project. If public health guidance allows, we will try to organise visits to the new site later in the Academic year. Any transition requires support to help make the unfamiliar familiar; we will work hard to help ease any anxieties around this.

“If the move is temporary, where will Bluecoat Sixth Form be in September 2023?”

It has been agreed with Nottingham College and the Local Authority that the Sixth Form will return to its home in Aspley Lane after two years unless there is a delay to the building of Bluecoat Trent, in which case there is an extension for a further year.  If during this two/ three year period the Sixth Form is able to secure a City Centre site which meets the needs of its students even better than that at Aspley Lane we explore that as an option.  Currently there is no alternative site or any live plans but there is a desire to explore alternative options.

“How long have you known that the location would be moving?”

The sale of Clarendon was agreed in the last week before the Christmas holidays. Once this was agreed by the Department of Education, the Local Authority and the Regional School Commissioner, we were able to speak to our staff before communicating with our current and future students.

“Will there be a common room area for me and my friends to use when we aren’t studying?”

Yes! We have identified the central part of the building to be the heart of activity for our sixth form community. There will be a spacious common room which adjoins the canteen servery and a large study room with IT provision and library resources. We also have plans to create a Lecture Theatre meeting space for us to gather as a year group to share Acts of Worship and to hear tutor period presentations from year leaders and guest speakers.

“Will there be any drama facilities at the new site?”

We plan for our curriculum to be able to be delivered in full at the Maid Marian Way site. We have asked the project planners, contractors and architect to draw up plans for converting the large student services area into a Drama Studio.

“What will the Science facilities be like?”

The Science labs at Maid Marian Way are in great condition. The facilities at the new site will allow our full Science curriculum to be delivered. The relocation will give us more access to Science labs than we previously had.

“What will the Sports facilities be like?”

The Maid Marian Way site has a sports hall that will be used for enrichment at breaks and lunchtime for our basketball and football clubs. It will also allow our Sport Science curriculums to run practical components of their courses.

“Will teachers be travelling across sites?”

Our KS5 subjects will continue to be taught by the subject specialists who are currently delivering lessons to our sixth form students. We have already started work on the timetable for next year with the aim of reducing the amount of travel for teachers. This will also allow us to identify a timetable of when teachers will be available to students at the Maid Marian Way site.

What security is in place at the site?”

The site has until very recently served sixth form age students and has everything needed to keep our students secure once they enter the building. That said, we want the very best for our students and have discussed a number of options with the Nottingham City Council’s major project manager for further increasing the security of the site.

“Are there any plans to change how the building looks?”

We are happy to relay that the Local Authority are exploring engaging a profession art/design company to use artwork to update the exterior of the building. We have also started conversations to allow our own Art students to participate in this project!

“When will the refurbishment be finished?”

Work on the refurbishment will take place during the late Spring and Summer terms to allow us to be ready to welcome our students in September. We will keep our website up to date with floor plans, photos and videos as the project gets underway.

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