Attendance, attainment and attitude to learning data

Bluecoat Sixth Form uses Go4Schools which is an online school data system. As a parent you can access this system, which will allow you to check on attendance, behaviour, academic achievement and attitudes to learning.

In order to sign up for G4S, please go to Go4Schools and enter your email address here. An email with a password and further instructions will be sent to your email address. The email address you enter must be the email address issued to us on enrolment. If you wish to enter a new email address then please email

Please note that if you have previously used Go4Schools as a parent then your log in details will not have changed.

Once you have logged in you will find that a variety of information is available to you, such as:

  • Attendance –We expect 90% attendance and a student is concerned a persistent absentee if they have less than 90% attendance.
  • Student timetable – As well as showing you when students should be in lessons, it will show you whether or not they attended and if they were late to their lesson.

Detailed Progress:

    • Student target – this is what students’ GCSE performance suggests they could achieve at A Level
    • Current grade – this grade a combination of class, homework and mock exam grades
    • Projected grade – this grade is what teachers believe the student will achieve if they continue to work at the same rate as they are currently
  • Attitude to Learning – the grade that best reflects what type of learner behaviours students have shown over the previous half term. More details of what these grades mean is below. Students identified as having a passive and/or disengaged attitude to learning will receive support.
  • Behaviour – A log of any positive points issued for exceeding expectations, homework deadlines being missed, lessons not being attended or other behaviour concerns.

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