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Social fit is incredibly important to the success of young people in further and higher education. Therefore, our vision is that there is something on offer for all students so they develop a sense of belonging and community within the sixth form.

Our students also use these opportunities to enhance their transferable skills, which plays a vital part in their development and progression.

Enrichment opportunities include:

Duke of Edinburgh

DoE is incredibly popular at the sixth form, and we offer Silver and Gold Award DoE. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their key skills.

Women’s Football

Back by popular demand, we now offer women’s football every week, in a playful, fun, spirited encounter. However, we are in conversations to take this further and schedule in some fixtures when we can!

Men’s Football

Football is without a doubt the most popular enrichment activity we have on offer. With all weather grass and indoor pitches to choose from, we play football all year round. We look forward to booking some fixtures in when things get back to normal.

“Especially for all my school friends, football has always been our escape. The sport for our year group is more than just football. For us, it’s a brotherhood. In times like these where we aren’t able to do anything to be able to play football has been our joy. We play always competitively on the Wednesdays whether it be concrete or grass, football goals or school bags. We are always eager for football counting down the days till kick off. It’s always been good however maybe Mr O’Kane can work on his refereeing skills”. Usman  yr13


Netball is continuously one of our most popular activities, and is very well attended. We can offer both outdoor and indoor sessions so is enjoyed all year round!


Enjoyed every week, and run by our PE department, basketball offers a great opportunity for players of all abilities to play for fun and also to improve on current skills.


Cricket gets in to full swing in the Spring and Summer months when students enjoy weekly training, culminating in an end of year game.


Dance is incredibly popular, and is enjoyed weekly at lunchtimes. New routines put together by our students, and overseen by our newly appointed staff member who has represented GB in dance. With this new appointment we expect huge things from our Dance Club!

Singing Club

Our student led singing club rehearse weekly in the music department where they practice for upcoming school events. They are given the freedom to choose the song which they want to perform, and they always pull together outstanding performances.

Board Game Club

At lunch time, students get together to play a wide variety of board games and our encouraged to bring their own in so they can tach and learn new games to other members.

Christian Union

Christian Union takes place weekly, and not just as a sixth form, but as a whole school so students can mix with all year groups. There are also drop in sessions hosted by the Christian Youth Workers for new and existing members where cake and tea is served and students have the opportunity to discuss scriptures and get to know one another.

“CU has been great for getting to know different people across my year group, who share similar beliefs to me. It enabled us to get together every week and just become closer friends with one another. I enjoyed taking on responsibilities leading and spending time with my friends in CU, but I also highly valued being able to learn from them, as they were able to share their wisdom and their faith. We were also able to encourage each other and pray with one another, which I think helped us all grow in confidence, as well as in faith. Eleanor Year 13”

Computer Science Society

This is an opportunity for like-minded students to get together and learn topics like Python scripting and videogame making. This society is primarily student led, but our computer science teachers often offer their expertise as well.

Debate Society

Debate society became so popular that we had to host 2 separate debates in different classrooms each week. Again, this is a student run session and students have decide topics to debate, and also adjudicate the debate as well.


We put a great emphasis on mental wellbeing within the sixth form, and the mindfulness society embodies this message. There are weekly sessions focusing on different relaxation techniques.


This club is for students of all abilities. They meet weekly and enjoy colouring and conversation as a means of developing artistic skills, or often just as a means of catharsis.

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