A Level English Literature

What will be studied?

You will be studying a range of Literature texts through the lens of Tragedy.

The texts include Shakespeare Plays, Poetry and Prose with the stipulation of pre-1900 and post 2000 will be included in the selection of texts.

How will I be assessed?

Students need to be focused and autonomous, be able to discuss issues and concepts within facilitated sessions.

The A Level consists of two exams worth 40% each and two pieces of NEA (coursework) 20%

  • Paper 1: Literary Genres 2 hours 30 minutes Closed Book (3 texts)
  • Paper 2: Texts and Genres 3 hours Open Book (3 texts & unseen passage)

Formative assessments throughout the year will involve written and spoken tasks.

What next?

English Literature is a secure foundation for a breadth of future education and a wide range of career choices. Journalism, HR, Research, Professional Librarian, Publishing, Writing, Social Work Script Writing, Teaching, Law, Management of People, Performing Arts…

The list is endless.

Further Information:

If you need any further information about studying English Literature, please contact:

Dr Wain-Reid – lwain-reid@bluecoat.uk.com or Ms C Pearce –  cpearce@bluecoat.uk.com

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