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Student Leadership

At Bluecoat Sixth Form, we are committed to supporting our students to be an active part of their community and find a way to make a difference.

Through student leadership, we do that in a number of ways:

Student Ambassadors

Our students can apply to become an ambassador for an area of sixth form life that they feel passionately about. Our student ambassadors receive fortnightly leadership training.

This year, our student ambassadors are active as:

Diversity Ambassadors – committed to spreading awareness of what people’s experiences might be and the effect this might have on them.

Academic Ambassadors – committed to supporting students to be aware of opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge beyond the curriculum

Wellbeing Ambassadors – committed to de-stigmatising mental health & spreading awareness of support available, primarily through promotion of enrichment and wellbeing activities

Charity Ambassadors – committed to supporting the sixth form to champion charities that we care about & providing opportunities to give

Events Ambassadors – committed to organising events that celebrate everyone

Student Council

Each form nominates a representative to meet weekly with the head of sixth form to make sure that the student voice is being heard.

Recent agenda items:


Students asked: So we did:
Can we have a Year 13 only silent study space Set up a silent study room for P1-2 each day, monitored by student ambassadors and prefects
Can we have an event for valentine’s day Buy a rose for £3 and have it delivered to you during tutor period – profits go to charity
Can we have an opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultures In the process of planning culture day for 22nd April
Can we re-launch ‘caught reading’ rewards instead of dressing up for World Book Day Re-launched, all pastoral staff given cards to give out to students caught reading
Positive points to be given out more to KS5 students Agenda item delivered by Ms Wood to Heads of Department and shared at sixth form staff CPL
Rewards system to be more transparent Assemblies delivered on how students can get positive credits

Nottingham Citizens

This year we became a member of Nottingham Citizens, to give students more of an opportunity to be actively involved in making a difference to the local community. Students have run a listening campaign in the sixth form, as well as being given opportunities to attend Member’s Assemblies and speaking with our local MP!

‘Being a member of Nottingham Citizens’  – written by Hannah, year 13 student ambassador

In September 2023, Bluecoat Sixth Form became an official member of Nottingham Citizens – an alliance aiming to tackle injustices and bring change in local communities through community action. As student ambassadors, we have really enjoyed working with Naomi (our Christian youth worker), Victoria (the trust chaplain) and Heidi (Nottingham Citizens) to get involved in organising a listening campaign within sixth form to hear student’s priorities. We have also become part of the national conversation surrounding racial justice in education, something, which with an incredibly diverse student population, is of utmost importance. The opportunities provided through being a part of this ever-growing alliance have greatly enhanced our sixth form experience, and allowed us to develop skills and have conversations that we otherwise wouldn’t. From speaking with an MP to networking at the Member’s Assembly, being a part of Nottingham Citizens is an exciting part of our sixth form, and a partnership that we hope will continue to inspire and encourage social justice amongst our students and the wider community.

Student prefects

Students can apply to become a sixth form prefect, giving them the opportunity to practise their skills of communication, reliability, responsibility, organisation, networking and team work – to name just a few! Student prefects support with visits to other sites, represent the sixth form at marketing events and careers fairs, support with evening events such as parents’ evenings, and help to set the standard for behaviour in the sixth form.

My name is Blessings and I am the Academic Support Ambassador. My role involves helping students out with any academic worries they may have and also trying to brainstorm ways in which students can enhance their revision and learning outside of the classroom. Next year I will head the peer mentoring scheme at school and also present new opportunities for students, in STEM mainly, to be involved in other competitions and projects outside of the Academy.

Hey! My name is Reuben, and I am the Social Events & Fundraising Ambassador here at Bluecoat Academy Sixth Form. I study A-Level Politics, Business and Sociology with the hope of going on to study politics at a Russel Group University and then head into a career within the political field. 

Within my role, I am responsible for the organisation and planning of large-scale academy events that aim to improve the student experience and image of the school, along with looking at ways to help fund these occasions. 

 My aim for this position for 2021/22 is for Sixth Formers to have more opportunities to socialise and network between one another, to help counter the effects of the pandemic. One thing I’m determined to achieve is to help put on an incredible leavers celebration for Year 13 students who have missed their Year 11 prom along with much more, and so deserve a really good send-off.

I’m very approachable and willing to listen, so feel free to either come and talk to me or email me for any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback!  

Welcome everyone!  

My name is Chelsea, and I am the Super-curricular Support Ambassador at Bluecoat Academy Sixth Form. I study A-Level History, English Literature and Politics. I aspire to study Law at University before starting a career in the field.  


Within my role, I plan to expand the Super-Curricular support Sixth Form offers for students and be a person who students can turn to for advice about student life and academics. 

I aim to hold weekly drop-in sessions and a mentoring scheme that will allow for collaboration between both Year 12s and Year 13s. 

If you see me around Sixth Form, don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’ – I don’t bite! 

My name is Ali and I’m the Wellbeing Ambassador for the 6th Form this year. Well-being is something many people overlook and underappreciate despite it being a paramount factor in determining a student’s potential. This year has been an especially difficult time for many students, leaving them feeling demoralised and disheartened. My aim as an ambassador will be to address this, through initiatives such as introducing a new wellbeing room, increasing awareness and creating a safe environment in which students can reach out; bettering themselves, ultimately empowering them to meet success 

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