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Vision and Values

Bluecoat Sixth Form shares the Bluecoat Aspley Academy vision that through belief in ourselves, in others and in God, we aspire to be courageously inclusive.

Our aims for our students are that they would:  

Believe in themselves, in others, in God

Strive to achieve their full potential 

Find their way to make a difference  

Believe in yourself, in others, in God

We want our students to practice self-belief, to respect themselves and others and to draw strength from their faith. 

Strive to achieve your full potential

We want our students to recognise the important role that resilience plays in success and to show determination to relentlessly pursue their goals.  

Find your way to make a difference

We want out students to actively seek out opportunities to better the lives of those in our community and to have hope for the future.  

We have built our aims for our students on our values of family, hope, respect and faith. 

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Sixth Form – Aspley Lane Campus
Bluecoat Academy
Aspley Lane
E-mail: BAAsixthform@bluecoat.uk.com
Tel: 0115 900 7215

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