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Super-curricular Enrichment

One of the best ways you stand out during your Sixth Form studies is through the amount of independent study you undertake outside of the classroom. Regardless of your future plans, the ability to extend yourself and research independently into your interests is an invaluable skill –this will support your exam performance and your future university and job applications. All universities expect more than just classroom knowledge, which is where super-curricular activities come in; these are academic enrichment tasks that show you are interested in your studies beyond what is on the school syllabus.

What do we offer?

Independent Study Programme

Our vision is that throughout their time in sixth form students learn how to become independent and autonomous learners, preparing them for life at University, an apprenticeship or the world of work. The Independent Study Programme is designed to support students to organise their non-contact time with the creation of structured independent tasks for each of the subjects they study. The tasks are treated differently to homework and without deadlines, therefore developing student’s responsibility and self-efficacy. The tasks aim to stretch students’ knowledge beyond the curriculum, deepening their understanding and developing inquisitive and ambitious learners.

Book Club

We offer a separate club for Year 12’s and Year 13’s covering a diverse range of texts. In this club we introduce a new book at the beginning of term with a short discussion on student’s first impressions. Students will then take this book away and read as much as possible, noting any interesting parts of the book to discuss in the next meeting. In the last meeting of term we regroup and talk about which areas of the book we have highlighted as interesting or want to talk about. Students write book reviews which are shared with their peers by being displayed on library poster boards. Not only does this develop their literacy skills, but it also encourages pleasure for reading.

Book clubs can improve critical reasoning skills and allows students to understand different perspectives, they can be good for mental wellbeing and make it easier to commit to reading more. Overall reading will improve student’s general literacy skills such reading fluently and learning new vocabulary.

New Fiction

At Bluecoat Sixth form, we aim to provide an environment, in which everyone can engage in reading for pleasure. Both staff and students are welcome to enjoy our selection of fiction. We are continually adding to our fiction section with new YA fiction and student requested books.

New magazines

Everyone at Bluecoat Sixth Form is welcome to have access to a range of our magazines within the library. Each Magazine is targeted at specific subjects taught within the sixth form, including the Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and the Arts. Magazines are reference only, but our librarian will be more than happy to photocopy any articles that you may find interesting.

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