A Level Economics

What will be studied?

In Economics you will look at the fundamental forces which affect our lives, such as employment, prices, international trade and poverty.

Economists are often in healthy debate with each other over these issues. It is this controversy which makes Economics lively and interesting and which allows you the opportunity to make your own judgements and form your own opinions to answer questions such as:

  • Why can’t the Government just raise taxes to pay for more doctors and nurses?
  • Why does my train ticket cost twice as much if I travel before 9am?
  • What are the most effective policies to reduce the over consumption of alcohol?
  • Why does everyone panic when the price of petrol goes up?

During your Economics studies you will focus on both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. 

Microeconomic topics:

  • Market Structures  – Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopolies and Monopolies
  • The Labour Market – Wage Determination
  • Government Intervention in the Market

Macroeconomic topics:

  • Economic Growth
  • Macroeconomic Policies – Monetary, Fiscal and Supply Side
  • The European Union

How will I be assessed?

In A Level Economics you will sit 3 papers at the end of the 2 years:

Paper 1 – Markets and Market failure – 2 hour written exam – 33.3% of the A level

Paper 2 – National and International Economy – 2 hour written exam – 33.3% of the A level

Paper 3 – Economic Principles and Issues – 2 hour written exam – 33.3% of the A level

What next?

Economics is a versatile subject that can help you in a number of careers. Not only could you find yourself working for big corporations, banks or the government but your qualification in Economics could also be valuable support in a career like marketing, law, journalism or teaching.  You might even become the next Prime Minister with a degree in Economics!

Further Information:

If you need any further information about studying Economics please contact:

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