A Level Mathematics

What will be studied?

The A Level qualification covers a combination of Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. Pure maths focuses on algebra, functions, trigonometry and calculus. Statistics looks at data analysis, probability and hypothesis testing and Mechanics includes topics on vectors, forces, motion and energy.

How will I be assessed?

The A Level Mathematics course is assessed through three written papers, of equal weighting, at the end of the second year, each 2 hours in duration.

  • Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics
  • Paper 2 – Pure Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Paper 3 – Pure Mathematics and Statistics

There will be a mix of question styles, from short, single-mark questions to multi-step problems.

There will also be class assessments throughout the course.

What next?

Mathematics A level is essential for degree courses in Mathematics, Engineering or Physics. Most university courses in Computer Science and Operational Research also require Mathematics A Level. Numeracy, statistics and computers are so much a part of modern life that an A level in Mathematics is one of the most useful qualifications. Some of the main careers where Mathematics plays a significant part are accountancy, actuarial science, air traffic control, architecture, banking, economics, surveying and teaching.

Further Information:

If you need any further information about studying A Level Mathematics, please contact:

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