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Tuesday Critical Thinkers

Every week, students attend a critical thinkers session. This consists of teaching students how to structure arguments, how to criticise arguments and how we can use these skills in the future. Many employers have said that they are surprised by the lack of literacy skills that young people have. This session ensures students get these skills by asking students to give their answers, critiquing or supporting the idea in the session, and reasoning behind them. Students also learn how to evaluate whether points are strong or weak by questioning why something might be the case.

These sessions vary from term to term and always have a debate at the end. These topics can vary from ethical issues to societal issues, but they’re always very interesting topics that everyone can get involved with. I have been a part of all of the ones that have been offered and I have really enjoyed getting my points across while people listen and critique them. Being a part of them has also helped me realise how to captivate an audience by making your points interesting. All of this has allowed me to boost my CV as it shows that I am willing to take part in challenges and that I am also willing to communicate.

Autumn Term 1 – The Death Penalty

The finale of our learning this half term was a debate on the topic of the death penalty and whether it should be reinstated in the UK. I was on the team that was for the death penalty and I prepared by collecting statistics and how they can be interpreted to validate my points. This opportunity allowed me to explore other viewpoints and go against my normal opinion while also building my confidence and public speaking.

Autumn Term 2 – Divine Command Theory

This session involved us looking at different situations and evaluating whether divine command theory is good or bad within the situations but also as a whole. We looked at Shoko Asahara and how he used the divine command theory negatively and then we looked at Salahuddin and how he used it to do good. We all decided as a year group that it is good but can be warped.

  • Written by Em, Year 12 Prefect

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