What is Literacy?

Reading, vocabulary, speaking, listening and writing are promoted across the curriculum at Bluecoat Sixth Form. Students will develop their literacy skills in lessons, in form times and through extra-curricular opportunities. Every member of staff believes that literacy can change lives.

Our Bluecoat Sixth Form Literacy Vision:

At Bluecoat Sixth Form, we believe in each one of our students. We believe that striving for exceptional literacy standards empowers our students to become speakers, listeners, readers and writers who can fulfil their individual potential. 

We want each student to have the communication skills and knowledge to give them choices and to claim their place within society. Therefore, we encourage discussion and debate as well as reading, and writing, for progress and for pleasure in every subject. We believe that by embedding literacy within each faculty, our students will recognise how these skills underpin our aspirational curriculum and their own opportunities. 

The provision of literacy at Bluecoat enables students to understand the richness of human thought, their place within this narrative and with the skills to move it forwards. They will leave our sixth form with an individual voice which demands to be heard; informed by their sensitive approach to reading and listening and expressed eloquently through their speech and writing.   Their knowledge of literacy will enable become advocates for themselves and for others without a voice.

To facilitate our vision every member of our staff is a committed Literacy Champion who promotes high level oracy, reading and writing practice in their area of expertise, and as appropriate for the students they support.

An informed approach:

The seven strands of literacy outlined in the EEF’s Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools guidance report (2019) underpin our approach to literacy. 

The diagram below summarises the strategies that staff use across the sixth form to support students’ literacy.

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