Summer Term 2023

Eid Mubarak!

To mark Eid in our sixth form library we have created this display featuring a range of fantastic books by Muslim authors, all available for students to borrow. We have recently been working on expanding our stock of books by South Asian and Middle Eastern authors, including Muslim authors. I’m pleased to see the progress we have made so far reflected in this display and look forward to adding more books in the future.

Eid wall display of books by Muslim authors

Earth Day 2023

22nd April marks World Earth Day, which encourages us to reflect on our impact as humans on the earth and its resources. We have put together a display of non-fiction books around this topic for those who want to learn more.

Display of environmental books.

Quick Reads

Some of our students would love to sit down with a book, but they just don’t have to commit to a full-length one, particularly in exam term. Introducing Quick Reads! These are books by well-known authors like James Patterson and Bernadine Evaristo – they just happen to be shorter, often around 80 pages.

Display of Quick Reads novels.

Coronation Celebration

After celebrating the coronation of King Charles III over the weekend, it feels only right to mark the occasion in our library. Can you spot the royal connections in these book titles? 😊

Coronation display of books with royal words in their titles.

UCAS and Apprenticeships

We have two new displays in the library to coincide with the start of this year’s UCAS cycle for our Year 12s. Students are encouraged to consider both university and apprenticeships for their next steps, and our boards are there to help them on their way!

Apprenticeships and UCAS display board

Global Day of Parents

The Global Day of Parents celebrates parents and carers all over the world. This photo of our display also gives you a bonus sneak peek at our amazing study space, which we are very proud of.

Poster and display of books with parents as a plot focus.

Empathy Day 2023

Empathy is an important life skill which can be developed through fiction reading. To celebrate Empathy Day this year, we have put together a display of brilliant novels showcasing characters who grow and change over the course of the book. Students can read along as the characters laugh, cry, and experience disappointment, anger, frustration and joy.

Empathy Day book display

Refugee Week 2023

19th-25th June celebrates the 25th anniversary of Refugee Week, which seeks to raise awareness of refugees’ lives in the UK and around the world. This year’s theme focusses on showing compassion for all through simple acts anyone can do.

Reading a book can expand our understanding and empathy for people with different lived experiences: in our library we offered a selection of books by and about refugees to encourage students to complete the simple act of reading and sharing a book with loved ones.

Display of books by and about refugees.


Our staff love reading. Some of the sixth form staff shared snapshots of their bookshelves, which we have turned into this display to decorate our school corridor. Have you spotted the cameo from our principal, Mr Turton?

Display of staff "shelfies"

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